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Preliminary Results of the Fourth Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament

Maplewood Lanes was the site for the Fourth Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament. 69 Bowlers, comprised of 61 Ann Arbor 700 Club Members and 8 non-members, helped to make this fourth tournament a success. The final results show the team of James Thomas(703), Cynthia Allison(651) and Richard Allison(692) leading with a combined 2170 handicap score. The high game of the day was bowled by Lonnie Jones who shot 299 in the third game. The high series of the day was bowled by Ed Rondot who had games of 217, 278 and 244 for his 739 series. Teresa Marshall and Mary Martin both had a 253 second game and Teresa had a 659 series to lead the women. Lonnie Jones(718) and James Thomas(703) were the only other 700 scores. Results are pending average and sanction verification.


2014 700 Club Open Trio Recaps

2014 700 Club Open Trio High Scores

2014 700 Club Prize Fund
First Place $420
Second Place $300
Third Place $180
Fourth Place $120
Plaques $45
Total $1065

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Bowling Season

The Annual Newletter and Tournament Applications Packet was mailed to members on Saturday, August 30th. Please watch your mail for this envelope.

The first tournament of the year is fast approaching. The Fourth Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament will be held at MAPLEWOOD LANES in Saline on Sunday, September 28th. Cost of entry is $25 per person with the requirement that at least one person on the team is an Ann Arbor 700 Club member.

The State Jamboree is being sponsored by our club this year and is being held at Lodge Lanes on October 26th. Reserved entry deadline is October 16 with walk-ins accepted if lanes are still available.

Good Luck and Good bowling in the 2014-2015 Season!

Tournament Dates for 2014-2015

September 28, 2014 Fourth Annual Open Trio
October 26, 2014 State Jamboree
December 14, 2014 600-700 Clubs Mixed Doubles
January 25, 2015 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic
February 8, 2015 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome
April 12, 2015 700 Club Doubles

Results of the 9th Annual 700 Club Doubles

Chelsea Lanes was the host of the 9th Annual 700 Club Doubles tournament on April 6, 2014. 30 teams battled for the $700 prize fund. The high qualifying pair was the duo of Anthony Marshall and Reginald Green, who earned the $40 high qualifier prize with their 1519 score. Rod Radant and Bill Risner used a thrilling 289 final baker game score to edge the second place finishers of Cynthia and Richard Allison by 25 pins. The high game of the tournament was bowled by Ed Greenleaf III, with a 289 first game. The high series was bowled by Bill Risner who had games of 258, 259 and 267 for his 784 score. There were a total of 14 bowlers who had scores worthy of 17 Special Achievement awards. Also, there were 9 bowlers with 700 series. Thank you all for participating.


700 Club Doubles Recaps

700 Club Doubles Baker Scores

700 Club Doubles High Scores

700 Club Doubles Special Achievement Awards

700 Club Doubles Prize Fund

Results of the 29th Annual 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome

Lodge Lanes hosted this tournament on February 9, 2014.

Deb Lickert
Kim Collar
Andy Lickert
Christopher Collar
Grand Total


Prize List/Recaps

Final Results of the Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic

 A total of 35 bowlers braved the weather and took to the lanes with 27 bowlers participating in the Regular Divisions and 21 bowlers participating in the Senior Divisions. Scott Horton won the Scratch Division with a 1507 score. Bobby Grams won the Handicap Division with a handicap total of 1496. In the Senior Division, a mere 5 pins separated the first 3 places. Tom Brotz bowled a 719 series which, with his 30 pins handicap, gave him the winning 749 handicap score. In the Super Senior Division, Lovell Freeman bowled a 579 series resulting in his 759 handicap score.

Scott Horton and Chris Collar tied for the high game of the day with each posting a 300 game and each earning the $50 honor score prize. Scott Horton and Ed Rondot shared the high series for the day with 764. Kim Collar had the high game and series for the women with a 255 second game and a series of 663 in the second set. There were thirteen total 700 series bowled with Scott Horton (764, 743) and Bobby Grams (738, 746) each bowling two. Additionally, 700 series were bowled by Ed Rondot (764); Jerry Fritts (761); Josh Nye (736); Larry James (734); Dave Bentley (720); Tom Brotz (719); Chris Collar (718); Ryan Hughes (711) and Steve Altobello (702). 18 different bowlers rolled scores worthy of 24 USBC Special Achievement awards. Checks were mailed on 2/24/14.

Thank you all for participating!

Regular Division Recaps

Senior Division Recaps

Prize Fund

Singles Classic High Scores

Special Achievement Awards

Final Results - 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Doubles

Lodge Lanes hosted this year's tournament on December 15, 2013. This year's tournament saw 64 entries and a total prize fund of $1540. The duo of Shelby Perry and Ed Vasas took home the title and the $240 top prize with a combined score of 1495. Ed Vasas started strong and never let up. He shot 300 in the first game and, with his 258 and 256, shot an 814 series. Ed earned two honor score prizes from the Ann Arbor 700 club for his 300 game and 800 series. Shelby shot a 236 in her middle game and finished with a 560 series. Seven bowlers shot 700 series: Robert Grams, Jr., 735, John Schneider, 731; Todd Skye, 721; Jim Hagood, 720; Dave Roeder, 714; Richard Allison, 712; and Jim Finn, 710. Traci Skye led the women with a 665 series. Nine other women bowler shot 600 series: Carrie Swift, 655; Cynthia Allison, 653; Leslie Cunningham, 641; Penny Morgan, 636; Sierra White, 634; Deanna Ish, 617; Teresa Marshall, 611; Kim Collar, 603; and Tarsha Smith, 602. Carrie Swift bowled the high game for the women with a 255 first game score. Additionally, 16 bowlers had scores worthy of 18 special achievement awards. Checks were mailed Saturday, January 11.

2013 Mixed Doubles Recaps

2013 Mixed Doubles Rankings

2013 Mixed Doubles Prize List

2013 Mixed Doubles High Scores

2013 Mixed Doubles Special Achievement Awards

Results of the Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree

(updated 11/14/13)

Lodge Lanes was the site for the Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree. 44 teams competed in this year's Tournament for a prize fund of $2300. The team of Jim Hickenbottom (657), Cynthia Allison (771), Dean Shipman (737) and Richard Allison (638) are this year's champions with a combined score of 2989. There were a total of three 300 games shot by Malcolm Rhodes II, Terry Ableson and Matt Troyer. Two bowlers fell just shy of perfection while still earning 11 in-a-row awards: Mike Goike (299 and 298); Cyril Brake (298). Al Olah Jr shot 290 to earn the 11 in-a-row award starting from the second frame. The high series of the day was bowled by Mike Goike with a phenomenal 864. Cynthia Allison led the women bowlers with a 771. In total there were 31 700 Series bowled by 29 different bowlers. Additionally, 39 bowlers had scores worthy of earning a total of 61 achievement awards.

2013 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Standing and Prize Fund

2013 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree 9:30 am Recaps

2013 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree 1:00 pm Recaps

2013 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree High Scores

2013 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Achievement Awards


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