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April 7, 2019 Tournament Format set

On April 7, 2019, the Ann Arbor 700 Club and Ann Arbor Woman's 600 Club will be running concurrent tournaments at Brighton Bowl. The 600 Club will be running their 500/600 Doubles Tournament. The Ann Arbor 700 Club will be running a 700 Club Open Singles Tournament and the 8th Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament.

Why have a 700 Club Open Singles Tournament? Well, welcome to the nuances of the USBC. In order to have the Ann Arbor 700 Club Open Trio tournament be able to accept the scores from the 500/600 Doubles Tournament, the Trio Tournament has to be certified as a Mail-o-graphic tournament. This causes those wishing to bowl in the Trio Tournament to have a separate Certified tournament in order to have scores eligible for the Trio Tournament. This took two weeks and a review by the USBC Rules committee to come up with this final solution.

Therefore, the 700 Club Open Singles Tourament is there for bowlers who do not wish, or are not eligible, to bowl in the 500/600 Doubles Tournament. The Entry Fee for the Singles tourament is $10 which includes the $9 per bowler linage fee and a $1 Expense fee. The bowler with the high score with handicap will recieve a plaque from the expense fees.

With the 700 Club Open Trio Tournament being a Mail-o-graphic tournament, multiple entries are allowed by USBC Rule 315 providing at least one bowler is changed per team. Teams will still be required to have at least one 700 Club Member per team. Entry fees for this tournament are $45 per team.


USBC Rule 302 Mail-o-Graphic Tournament

A mail-o-graphic tournament is one in which scores are submitted from separate or the same competition, bowling establishment or association and are compared to qualify for prizes in one common prize list. The following provisions apply to all USBC mail-o-graphic tournaments:

a. All scores are submitted to the tournament manager who enters the scores and determines team and/or individual standings.

b. All scores used are from certified competition.

c. USBC will certify such tournaments provided:

1. All USBC equipment specifications apply.

2. All rules for USBC tournaments shall apply insofar as applicable.

3. Application must designate tournament as a mail-o-graphic tournament.

d. As the scores used in mail-o-graphic competition are already recognized in the certified competition in which they are actually bowled, so they are not eligible for USBC national awards.

Final Results of the 34th Annual 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome

Lodge Lanes was the host center for this year's tournament on February 10th. 25 teams bowled for the $1450 prize fund. By the slimmest of margins, the team of Angela Muenzer(552), Jessica Mitchell(699), Tom McVey, Jr.(718) and Cam Mitchell(729) had the Championship score of 2957. Second place, and one pin behind was Christine Holifield(577), Dana Barnhardt(597), Jim Gibbs(708) and Ron Ellis(742). There was also a battle for third place as three teams were all within one pin. Sherri Carter, Lyndie Doughten, Richard Payne and Lovell Freeman posted the third place score with 2879. There was a tie for the fourth and fifth positions with the team of Jody Evangelista, Louise Patterson, Mike Fink and Brian Patterson bowling the same 2878 score as the team of Barb Rister, Jackie Canine, Mike Blakley and Dan Canine. The High game and series of the tournament was bowled by Brian Patterson. He had a terrific start with his 299 first game and finished with a 754 series. Eight other 700 members rolled 700 series: Ron Ellis(742), Ron Clement(738), Cam Mitchell(729), Mike Goike(724), Tom McVey, Jr(718), Jim Gibbs(708), David Martin(705) and Billy Risner(700). The high game and series for the 600 bowlers was bowled by Jessica Mitchell. She finished the tournament strong with her final game of 257 and leading series of 699. Seven other 600 members rolled 600 series: Brittannie Cummings(676), Penny Morgan(657), Amy Kemperman(627), Louise Patterson(621), Robbin Fry(617), Ashieka Anderson(616) and Becki Myers(601). There were six bowlers earning special Achievement awards: Jim Gibbs for his 700 Series; Amy Kemperman and Louise Patterson for their 600 Series; and Jessica Mitchell, Terry Runge, Jr and Enners Smith earned the 250 Game award. Thank you all for particpating! Checks are in process and will be mailed soon!

2019 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Foursome Prize List

2019 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Foursome Ranked Scores

2019 600 -700 Clubs Mixed Foursome Recaps

2019 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Foursome High Scores

2019 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Foursome Special Achievement Awards

Preliminary Results of the Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles Tournament

A total of 66 bowlers took to the lanes for the third combined Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles.

Thank you all for participating!

2019 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic Prize List

2019 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic Recaps

2019 Mary Hardy Singles Recaps

2019 Senior Division Recaps

2019 Super Senior Division Recaps

2019 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles High Scores

2019 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles Achievement Awards


Preliminary Results - 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Doubles

Lodge Lanes hosted this year's 52nd Annual tournament on December 9, 2019. This year's tournament saw 46 entries competing. Prize list is being corrected and final standings will be available soon.

2018 Mixed Doubles Prize List - corrected

2018 Mixed Doubles Prize List - original

2018 Mixed Doubles Recaps

2018 Mixed Doubles High Scores

2018 Mixed Doubles Achievement Awards

Preliminary Results of the Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree

The Ann Arbor 700 Club hosted this year's tournament at Lodge Lanes. 7 teams from the Flint 700 Club and 12 teams from the Ann Arbor 700 Club competed in this year's tournament for a prize fund of $1178. The top three paid places were separated by a mere 5 pins. The leading score was posted by Joe Craig(597), Carolyn Oats(476), David Scott(454) and Gordon Mattingly(584). Their 2807 pin grand total was a combination of 2111 scratch pins and 696 pins of handicap. The high game of the day was 300 bowled in the third game by Dave Roeder. The High Series of the day was 784 bowled by Tom McVey, Jr. Final Results are pending the average verification.


2018 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Rankings

2018 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Recaps

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Bowling Season

The first tournament of the year is fast approaching. The Eighth Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament will be held at BRIGHTON BOWL on Sunday, September 30th. Cost of entry is $25 per person with the requirement that at least one person on the team is an Ann Arbor 700 Club member.

The State Jamboree is being sponsored by the Ann Arbor 700 Club this year and is being held at Lodge Lanes on October 28th. This year's tournament is limited to one squad of 40 teams. Please get your entries in early to claim a spot.

Good Luck and Good bowling in the 2018-2019 Season!

Tournament Dates for 2018-2019

September 30, 2018 Open Trio - POSTPONED
October 28, 2018 State Jamboree
December 9, 2018 600-700 Clubs Mixed Doubles
January 27, 2019 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic
February 10, 2019 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome
April 7, 2019 Tournament Format Trio/Doubles?


Final Results of the 13th Annual 700 Club Open Doubles

Chelsea Lanes was the site of this year's 700 Club Doubles Tournament. 10 teams took part with the Duo of James Thomas and Ron Devine besting the field. Jeff and Jacob Kandler led qualifying to earn the $50 squad prize. The high game of qualifying was 278 bowled by Jeff Kandler. Jeff also had the high scratch series with 737.

After qualifying, 22 pins separated first and second place. James Thomas and Ron Devine bowled a 279 first game (296 with handicap) to take a 65 pin lead. Jeff and Jacob did not go quietly as they shot 256 (270 with handicap) the last game. James' and Ron's final game score of 199 (216 with handicap) left them 11 pins ahead of Jeff and Jacob for the title.

Ed Vasas was the only other bowler to shoot a 700 series with a 712.

Thank you all for participating! Checks were mailed on May 14, 2018.

700 Club Doubles Prize Fund

700 Club Doubles Recaps

700 Club Doubles Baker Scores

700 Club Doubles High Scores


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