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Final Results of the Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles Tournament

A total of 62 bowlers took to the lanes for the second combined Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic and Mary Hardy Singles. 29 women participated in the Mary Hardy Singles Division. 34 bowlers participated in the Classic Division. 16 bowlers participated in the Senior Division and 6 bowlers participated in the Super Senior division. Shari Sidener won the Mary Hardy Division with a 776 handicap score. Jennifer Fry finished second with 772 and Joy Teetzel finished third with 768. Robbin Fry bowled the high game (257) and Jennifer Fry bowled the high 3 game series with 687 for 600 Club Bowlers. Other 600 bowlers with 600 series were: Brittanie Cummings(661); Jessica Mitchell(645); Joy Teetzel(640); Robbin Fry(640) and Michelle Osugi(621). Brian Patterson was the big winner as he won the Classic Division and Senior Division with a handicap total score of 1074. He also claimed the title of Scratch Champion as he bested Ron Ellis by 3 pins, with at 1030 scratch score. Gary Nowling won the Super Senior Division with 985 handicap score. The high game bowled by a 700 Club member was 300 bowled by Tony Paradise in game three. Tony also earned the $50 Honor score prize for this achievement. Ron Ellis posted the high 3 game series for a 700 club member with a 768. Other bowlers with 700 series were: Brian Patterson(761); Tony Paradise(739); Jim Leedle(736); Jeff Kandler(731); Joe Andrusiak(731); Mike Goike(729) and Tom Brotz(707). Tony Paradise earned three achievement awards. Gary Nowling and Tom Brotz also earned an achievement award. Prize checks were mailed Feb 28th.

Thank you all for participating!

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Final Results - 600 - 700 Clubs Mixed Doubles

Lodge Lanes hosted this year's 51st Annual tournament on December 10, 2017. This year's tournament saw 57 entries competing for the $1654 prize fund. The duo of Dana Barnhardt and Ron Ellis took home the title and the $260 top prize with a combined score of 1586. Mary Martin rolled the women's high game with 279 in the first game. Dana Barnhardt had the women's high series with 685. Michelle Osugi(659); Sierra White(648); Mary Martin(644); Rebecca Arend(640); Kim Collar(640); Jennifer Fry(636); Robbin Fry(628); Tracy Irons(620); Penny Morgan(612); Holly Werstein(608) and Cynthia Allison(602) were the remaining women with 600 Series. Ron Ellis shot the men's high game and series with 300 and 791, respectively. Ron Clement(741); Chris Collar(741); Mike Goike(718) and Joe Holtz(713) were the remaining men with 700 Series. Four bowlers earned achievement awards for their scores. Thank you all for participating! Prize checks were mailed January 5, 2018.

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Final Results of the Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree

The Flint 700 Club hosted this year's tournament at Grand Blanc Lanes. 19 teams from the Flint 700 Club and 7 teams from the Ann Arbor 700 Club competed in this year's tournament for a prize fund of $1560. The team winning score was posted by Ed Vasas(584), Rich Smith(632), Tom McVey, Jr.(792) and Ron Ellis(824). Their 2797 pin grand total was a combination of 2872 scratch pins and negative 75 pins of handicap and was 11 pins better than the second place finishers, Terrell Brooks, April Voorheis, Mike Sanders and Ken Chappell. There were five paid places with the low to cash score being 2697. The high game of the day was 299 bowled in the second game by Ron Ellis. The High Series of the day was 824 bowled by Ron Ellis. Thanks for your participation!


2017 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Prize List

2017 Michigan 700 Club State Jamboree Results

Final Results of the Seventh Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament

Maplewood Lanes was the site for the Seventh Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament. 42 bowlers, comprised of 39 Ann Arbor 700 Club Members and 3 non-members, helped to make this seventh tournament a success. The team of Ron Ellis(764), Brian Priano(658) and Reggie Green(680) captured the top spot with a 2166 handicap score. Twenty-eight pins behind them was the trio of Richard Payne, Enners Smith and Alex Kesselring. The third and final paid position went to Siera White, Brad White and Terry Wilson, Sr. who had a 2086 handicap score. The total prize fund was $591 for this year's tournament. The high game of the day was bowled by Ron Ellis who bowled a 300 in the second game. Ron also bowled the high series of the day with his 764 and also won the $50 honor score prize. Bill Risner(724), Les Gentry(714) and Jerry Fritts(705) were the other bowlers to have 700 series. Cynthia Allison had the women's high series of the day with 653. Liz Payeur and Cynthia Allison tied for the women's high game of the day with a 235. Thanks for your participation! Prize checks were mailed October 12, 2017.


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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Bowling Season

The first tournament of the year is fast approaching. The Seventh Annual 700 Club Open Trio Tournament will be held at MAPLEWOOD LANES on Sunday, September 24th. Cost of entry is $25 per person with the requirement that at least one person on the team is an Ann Arbor 700 Club member.

The State Jamboree is being sponsored by the Flint 700 Club this year and is being held at Grand Blanc Lanes on October 29th. This year's tournament is limited to one squad of 42 teams. Please get your entries in early to claim a spot.

Good Luck and Good bowling in the 2017-2018 Season!

Tournament Dates for 2017-2018

September 24, 2017 Open Trio
October 29, 2017 State Jamboree
December 10, 2017 600-700 Clubs Mixed Doubles
January 28, 2018 Ernie Dieterle Singles Classic
February 11, 2018 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome
April 15, 2018 700 Club Doubles


12th Annual 700 Club Open Doubles

Whitmore Lanes was the site of this year's 700 Club Doubles Tournament. 10 teams took part with the Duo of John Kranick and Don Chapman besting the field. Ron Clement and Liz Payeur led qualifying to earn the $50 squad prize. The high game of qualifying was 280 bowled by Ron Clement. Jerry Fritts had the high scratch series with 773. Don Chapman had the high handicap series with a 795.

After qualifying, 24 pins separated first and second place. Ed Vasas and John Schneider bowled a 271 first game. They only gained 16 pins on first place as Anton and Donnie bowled a 255. Ron and Erie Clement also bowled 255 to take over second place. In the final baker game, Anton and Donnie bowled 238 staking their 2034 score. Ron and Erie had a chance to strike out to win, but fell 24 pins short, shooting 246. John Kranick and Don Chapman bowled back to back 226 games to fall to third place. John Schneider and Ed Vasas finshed in fourth place after bowling 201 in the final game.

Thank you all for participating! Checks were mailed on May 7, 2016.

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Century Doubles Results

Final Results of the 32nd Annual 600-700 Clubs Mixed Foursome

Lodge Lanes was the host center for this year's tournament on February 12th. 25 teams bowled for the $1600 prize fund. This year's champions are the team of Leslie Cunningham, Terri Henri-Brotz, Larry James and Tom Brotz. Their total handicap score of 2916 was 12 pins better than the foursome of Jennifer Fry, Robbin Fry, George Fineran and Mike Goike. The high game of the day was 274 bowled by Nick DeFelice in the first game. The high series of the day was 752 bowled by George Fineran. The high game bowled by a 600 club member was 268 by Tracy Irons and the high series by a 600 club member was 690 bowled by Kim Collar. Additionally, there were 4 700 club members who bowled 700 series: Joe Andrusiak(731); Larry James(724), Nick DeFelice(714) and James Thomas(703). Similarly, there were 8 600 club members who bowled 600 series: Jennifer Fry(689); Tracy Irons(659); Christina Richert(649); Terri Henry-Brotz(633); Roberta Fry(623); Penny Morgan(611); Sierra White(602) and Becki Myers(600). Five bowlers bowled scores earning 6 special achievement awards: Debbie Winkler (200 Game); Bertha Page (200 Game and 500 Series); Willie Bowles (250 Game); Tracy Irons (250 Game) and Brad White (250 Game).

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